Apex Membership Agreement
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Terms and Conditions
Member certifies that he/she is over 18 years of age and will not use the information to violate any federal or state Laws like Federal Equal Employment Opportunity. Member also agrees that any information covered by the Fair Credit Reporting Act will be requested and used in full compliance with the terms and intent of the Act. Information provided by Apex is made available from the court system on an 'as-is' basis without any warranty expressed or implied. Apex disclaims any warranty that the data is 'error-free' or that access to this data will be uninterrupted. In no event will Apex be liable for any damages resulting from Apex or member's inability or failure to perform work, lost profits or any other consequential, exemplary or special damages even if Apex has been informed of such damages.
Member agrees to pay for all services rendered upon receipt of invoice. there will be a $20 charge for returned checks and service will be denied if payment is not received within 30 days of invoice. All collection fees and court costs, including attorneys fees will be the responsibility of the member.
Signature of OWNER & Date
STEPS: 1. Please complete and print the membership form. Sign and fax to: 1-866-544-0041 2. Please email fredk@apexbackgroundcheck.com with company name and phone number.