Frequently asked questions
How do I start using APEX?

Go to the APEX web site at and click on the 'membership' tab on the left side. You will see the membership agreement. Fill this out and print it. Then sign and fax it to APEX at 1-866-544-0041

Are there any membership fees?
There are no membership fees.
What services does APEX offer?
APEX does criminal background checks and Motor Vehicle reports for all states. We also do credit reports, tenant histories, education and employment verification, social security verifications, workers compensation and medicare fraud reports.
How much will a search cost?
APEX prices are among the most competitive in the industry. A statewide criminal search can be as little as $ 5. Please call us at 1-877-232-3980 and ask for pricing.
What is the turnaround time?      
This depends on the type of search. NC statewide criminal searches are available instantly. Many other searches are available within 1 hours, usually within minutes. The exception to this are county searches, which can take between 24-48 hours and some motor vehicle reports.
What if I make a mistake when ordering a report?    
For NC statewide criminal instant searches we offer courtesy checks. If you made a mistake, simply hit the BACK button on your browser, correct the information and re-submit. You will be charged only once. For other searches, we will gladly cancel if you call us immediately and before we have started the search.
Why should I use APEX?
APEX offers superior service, quality and turnaround and we have the track record to prove this. Our proprietary system for NC criminal checks actually finds and identifies 10-30% more records. Call us for details.
Do you offer a trial so I can see how good you really are?  
Absolutely. Call us for a no obligation complimentary trial for NC Criminal
What if I have a question about a report you provide?  
Call our toll free support number and we will gladly assist you. If further explanation is required we will even call the courthouse for you. Our commitment is to keep you satisfied no matter what.